But at least…

So I was talking to one of my friends who is happily married and is 6 months pregnant. I am really happy for her.

Me: You know what it’s been so hard for me going through all this psychological torture because of my husband, struggling with depression and all.

She: Yeah I understand, it must be so hard for you. But look *My name* at least your husband doesn’t hit you.

Me: …..


She: What? Don’t tell me he hits you!

Me: *Shaking my head* No he doesn’t but you just acted like a typical “Pakistani woman.”

Me: Come on yaar, why don’t we acknowledge that abuse is not only “physical” its psychological and verbal too. And I have gone through those and I feel the impact of psychological abuse is worse than physical.

She: Yeah….you are right…we don’t acknowledge that.


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