The “bad” bahu

So I went to one of the neighbor aunties house with my mom. The auntie lived with her husband and the kids lived abroad or in another city. Here comes the interesting story I got to listen to while we stayed there for an hour or so. Auntie: My bahu (Daughter in law) went to…… Continue reading The “bad” bahu

How a woman thinks

I don’t know about every woman, but most of Pakistani women think this way: Even if they are unhappy in their marriages, they try every single day to make it work. Even when you think they aren’t making any efforts, they are, in their mind, they are. A Pakistani woman might have an abusive husband,…… Continue reading How a woman thinks

Sexist jokes aren’t funny

So Mr. Husband has a knack for cracking jokes, and major part of his jokes cater to women. I will note down the exact phrases/sentences he has used for women (apparently jokingly): Women? They are a toy. Women have no worth. The world is for men. Women are never good at anything that’s why men…… Continue reading Sexist jokes aren’t funny

But at least…

So I was talking to one of my friends who is happily married and is 6 months pregnant. I am really happy for her. Me: You know what it’s been so hard for me going through all this psychological torture because of my husband, struggling with depression and all. She: Yeah I understand, it must…… Continue reading But at least…