The “bad” bahu

So I went to one of the neighbor aunties house with my mom. The auntie lived with her husband and the kids lived abroad or in another city.

Here comes the interesting story I got to listen to while we stayed there for an hour or so.

Auntie: My bahu (Daughter in law) went to UK with my son after marriage and she used to cover her head and body but now she has taken off the hijab and wears short shirts and tight jeans.

My mom: tsk tsk

Me: ……

Auntie: She used to cover herself properly and suddenly now after 8 years, she has changed so much. My son has been telling her to get back on “track.”

My mom: Living in the goras (English) culture is not a good thing for a Muslim

Me: It’s a change of thinking she went through, your surroundings do impact you.

Auntie: Yes we have told her to leave the job and stay at home and that if she goes outside she should look like a “Muslim”. Who knows tomorrow she’ll bring a boyfriend and then her kids will get spoiled.

Me: Auntie please don’t say that! How can you correlate less-modest clothing to lack of character?

Mom: Yes there is a correlation! This “clothing” is the starting point of the big evil.

Auntie: *nods* in approval

Me: ….

Auntie: So we have talked to our son and he has given her a warning that if she doesn’t get back to the right way, he would get another wife.

Me: *Gasping* Auntie what are you saying? This is not fair! What if it was the other way around and the man changed?

Auntie: Beta we don’t want that the kids become spoiled, if we wanted a “modern” bahu, we would’ve gotten one from UK. Why after all the money we spent on her visas and all, she has suddenly changed into a different person.

Me: ….

Mom: Yes, that’s really bad.

Auntie: Now we have tried to straighten her and she has started covering her head now, she’s better.

Me: Okay…that’s good.


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