Sexist jokes aren’t funny

So Mr. Husband has a knack for cracking jokes, and major part of his jokes cater to women. I will note down the exact phrases/sentences he has used for women (apparently jokingly):

Women? They are a toy.

Women have no worth. The world is for men.

Women are never good at anything that’s why men rule.

A married woman is considered “used” but a man is always “new”

Men have clean private parts, women’s are dirty (referring to menstruation).

Women is supposed to be obedient to her husband no matter what.

Add a long list to it because I can’t remember the rest of them. The list certainly doesn’t end here, I might add more in future.

I know Pakistani society is patriarchal and men are conditioned to consider the opposite gender inferior to them. They are also through media and cultural restrictions on women made to believe women are merely a piece of meat, a tool to quench the sexual thirst of men.

I remember one of my friends once saying:

Arranged marriage is a sex trade.

And I couldn’t agree more.


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