How a woman thinks

I don’t know about every woman, but most of Pakistani women think this way:

Even if they are unhappy in their marriages, they try every single day to make it work. Even when you think they aren’t making any efforts, they are, in their mind, they are.

A Pakistani woman might have an abusive husband, a husband who treats her like trash, or the one who is too stingy to spend on her, but when a little appreciation is shown to her, she just melts away. She will feel elated and happy, even if its short lived. She’ll have a new found spark of love for her husband. That spark can be extinguished in a few minutes, but it will be there for a while.

In short, she is the person who knows her parents shouldn’t suffer because of her, who might have been emotionally exploited by her parents into staying in the marriage as its a question of “honor” for them. Because a divorced women in Pakistan is a dishonor to her family and also considered an “incapable” wife.

I would like to extend this message to every one out there: A woman is fragile, she needs love and understanding. If you treat her wrong, she will not be able to keep it inside, it will show…it will affect your marriage. But if you treat her right, it will show 10 folds and you will see how beautiful your marriage will turn out to be.

Don’t feel shy to treat your women right.


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