The monster of sleep

So I am reading a really good book and am almost at the ending but sleep overtakes me. I just can’t sleep at night so it circles me in the afternoons. It’s ridden down to only four hours at night now. Mr. Husband would be home in about two hours and I need to fix dinner for him.

I get so overpowered by sleep that I doze off. I don’t wriggle until I hear him calling my name from downstairs. I stir irritably under my sheets and murmur something, thinking he might know I am in the no-zone area. After a while as I welcome sleep back to myself, I hear him call again.

WTF? Let me sleep for God’s sake!

“WHAT?’ I call out to him.

“Are you sleeping?” He asks from down the stairs.

“YES. And please don’t call me again!” I shout irritably.

I don’t hear from him again.

Later when I wake up, my mood is effed up. He knows bothering me in my sleep can be messy.

He is cautious when he says this, “I was calling out to you earlier because when I get back home, I feel like talking to you.”

Oh how sweet, I think sarcastically.

“But if I wasn’t responding you could have come upstairs and checked. I always respond when you call out my name. If I wasn’t this time, I could be sleeping or something.”

He doesn’t say anything. And I busy myself in preparing dinner.

This might seem like an ordinary thing, but to a married woman, something as minor as this could be irritable beyond measures.

*Insert various past contexts*

*Inserts: Do not judge me based on one post*


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